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January 3, 2017

Well, happy new year. I’ve taken a few days off from practicing art due to some circumstances, celebrations,¬†and just pure laziness. But I did something today, just one little thing.



The reference is my own picture of my mom’s hand against the sunlight. I lazed out on some details but it looks fine. I should smooth out the top of the hand though, since it looks too veiny.

I have few more to do, and I will take more reference pictures.



December 25, 2016

Here she is, Queen Michelle in all her glory. She is my friend’s character. We did an art trade. I’m pretty proud of this! I think I’ve improved a lot. Of course, I still have a lot to go, but I am proud of myself for my progress. I’ve tried to use more color and be aware of where the light is and how it contributes to the overall mood of the piece.


Here’s the progress picture. The pose changed dramatically. I think she was more.. shyer, sadder in the first pose. But the final pose was more powerful. Although, it still does look stiff, I’m satisfied with it.



Merry Christmas

December 24, 2016

I skipped yesterday’s because I was working on a big project. I’ll post that tomorrow on Christmas!!! It’s a Christmas art trade and I’m excited about it.

But for today, I did try to do something else other than the big painting.



It’s a quick painting of a Witch Priest who fell too deep into Dark Magic that it rotted her body until it falls apart. But still, she keeps on living…

A ritual that the Witches like to do is to capture creatures like vampires, bind them in silver, torture and starve them until they go berserk and then sacrifice them to Hell.


But also a practice of lighting ūüėÄ

December 22, 2016

Okay, I’m proud of today. The day started off with a quick landscape study from a photo I took long time ago…Screenshot_42.pngIt’s just a quick painting of a photo of a dandelion? field outside of a church in my hometown.

The next, I did one more material study that I’m so proud of! HAHA It’s an apple but I tried to have more color in it.


I am learning a lot as I go on painting.

Then I did some hand and feet studies… although they are not so good.


I’m trying to remember the techniques my first year college drawing professor taught us… 90%¬†staring at¬†the object, 10% staring at paper. Tomorrow, I’ll try to finish two materials and other studies…



December 21, 2016

Well, today kinda sucked. I was sick for the most of the day so I wasn’t able to do much work. I did manage to draw a watermelon tho… :O


45 left to go. My goal is to finish 50 by the break ends. Tomorrow, I’m going to try to do hand and feet studies and finish at least two more of the material studies if I’m not sick anymore.


December 20, 2016

Slow day but at least I got a bit more art done…

I woke up at 6am for some reason and then lazed around. When I finally got up to do work at like.. 9:30am, I decided to do some landscape studies. Well… I got tired after just one so I only did one, haha.



Later on, I did two more material studies.


Gold is hard to paint. The textures are difficult to reproduce….

but I think I did fine.





December 19, 2016

Here starts Day 1 of the Winter Break art skill practice…

I didn’t get to do a lot of art as I wanted to but I did finish two of the material studies.

screenshot_13It’s definitely harder than¬†I thought. The Limestone has a bit too much color than it should but I do like the way it looks… I’m also following a pre existing template by TomLopezArt.

My goal is to finish at least 50 of these by the time Winter break is over. I’m keeping this blog to see if I actually improve… haha. My other goal is to improve in color and light and hand and feet.

I’m currently reading Color and Light, A Guide for the Realist Painter by James Gurney as my ‘textbook’. I was supposed to do life studies of perspective and value but didn’t get the time to do that.

My mom and I visited the neighbors as I do every once a year during Christmas break to give them a gift. The neighbors are so very sweet. They’re siblings, never married, I think… Sarah bakes cookies and gives them to us as a gift. Roy is a sweet old man, around the age of 80, who walks around the neighborhood and slides the empty trashcan up to the garage.

Their house is also so beautiful and cozy.

They have gorgeous ornaments…

Some cookies and punch…

I bought them this last year! It’s so¬†sweet they still hang it up¬†in the tree.

¬†And then, finally, a big sofa and a small Christmas tree…

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